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I don't go on here anymore.

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2010-08-16 15:56:37 by TrevorW

Something will go here?


2010-04-02 18:49:33 by TrevorW

And here are the current listings of TrevorW's blog.

My writing [link]

Writing Forum

I.Appendix of Writing Forum locations
....A) [Listing of all personal topics]
....B) [Listing of threads of interest]
....C) [Personal Favorites]
....D) Hall of Fames -- People
....E) User of the Month [Coming May 2010]
............a) Current Topic
........................a) List of previous topics
............b) Rules
............c) Current Winners
............d) Previous Winners

II. Poetry Battles
....A) External Index

III. MWC: Monthly Writing Contest: Listing
....A) [MWC9 Profile] This has all the winning entries and such.
....B) [Search Results 09]
....C) [Search Results 2010]

GM Scripts: Enhancing your Newgrounds!

Kinetic Type tutorial: 008/kinetic-typography-tutorial/

Monkey Time, by Philip Nikolayev ol.html <<AUDIO

icons I did: s

MWC: Monthly Writing Contest: Listing

2010-03-06 22:13:28 by TrevorW

Welcome to the MWC listing!
This list will serve as a complete list for all previous and current Monthly Writing Contests.

MWC 09'

...I January ~ NG fan-fiction
......i Entries [link]
......ii Discussion [link]
......iii Results [link]

...II February ~ Worth 1000 Words
......i Entries [link]
......ii Discussion [link]
......iii Results [link]

...III March
......i Entries [link]
......ii Discussion [link]
......iii Results [link]

...IV April ~ Sprint Forth
......i Entries [link]
......ii Discussion [link]
......iii Results [link]

...V May ~ Crunch Time
......i Entries [link]
......ii Discussion [link]
......iii Results [link]

...VI June ~ Island escape
......i Entries [link]
......ii Discussion [link]
......iii Results [link]

...VII July ~ Scintilating Sounds
......i Entries [link]
......ii Discussion [link]
......iii Results [link]

...VIII August ~ Culture Shock
......i Entries [link]
......ii Discussion [link]
......iii Results [link]

...IX September ~ Poetry
......i Entries [link]
......ii Discussion [link]
......iii Results [link]

...X October ~ Punkoween
......i Entries [link]
......ii Discussion [link]
......iii Results [link]

...XI November
......i Entries [link]
......ii Discussion [link]
......iii Results [link]

...XII December
......i Entries [link]
......ii Discussion [link]
......iii Results [link]

MWC 2010

...I January/February ~ The Tale of Two Stories
......i Entries [link]
......ii Discussion [link]
......iii Results [link]

...II March ~Pico Day Adventures
......i Entries [link]
......ii Discussion [link]
......iii Results [link]

Threads of Interest

2010-03-06 19:05:31 by TrevorW

Threads to know

Free Writing Thread

The 'Just An Idea' Thread Thread

Call out a battle!

Great Conversations

When using sex.

Importance Of Historical Accuracy


On Publishing

Writing Tips And Guidance

A Qa Guide To Giving Criticism

Help Threads

Help: The Mechanics Of Writing

Help: For The Writing Forum. [Formatting]


The 9 Circles (Collab)

Listing of all personal topics

2010-02-19 23:12:39 by TrevorW

This area of my blog will serve as a listing for all personal threads pertaining to Writing. There are no requirements to be put on this list. However this list will not pertain to single piece threads. If I do not have your thread on here simply leave a comment or send me a PM, it will be added. Thanks.

I categorized the topics to the best of my ability. If it was not stated I simply did it by the kind of works already posted.

I also realize that there is a pretty good chance that I messed up somewhere during this list. If you see a mistake please PM me nicely and I will edit it when I get a chance. I will also try to keep this updated to the best of my ability.

Poetry and Lyrics
[link] Dubbi's Poetry
[link] Zachdamacman's Poetry
[link] Munio's Poetry
[link] ShortMonkey's Poetry
[link] Megakill's Poetry
[link] Lilfozzys Poetry!
[link] Ponz Poems
[link] Writings Of The Humble Poet (TrevorW)
[link] Nothins Poems (nothingmater)
[link] MH16'S Poems
[link] Poetry By Earthshine
[link] Matthias' Sporadic Sputterings
[link] Tateos's And Walkinator's Poems
[link] Blood-Soaked Poetry By Redface
[link] Nateofwar And A Few Words
[link] CyberDevils Poetry
[link] Nos's Poetry
[link] Jack's Writing N' Such. (JackDGreatest)
[link] RWT dips his pen in the company ink
[link] My Lyrics Book. (PhyroDragon)
[link] Shy2Authentik Poetry
[link] Bipolarmunkey's Stoof
[link] Ass-Crumb's Songbook
[link] Shakespears Poetry Corner (greatwh1teshark)
[link] My Published Works (The4thSurvivor)
[link] gamerpeepinpa's poetry
[link] My Poetry (S4cr3d-Cr4p)
[link] The GrimHero Poetry Collection (Grimhero666)
[link] Poems (whitebabbit)
[link] ImperfectDisciple 'S Poetry
[link]ShortMonkey's Poetry
[link] Iamthedarkwizard' S Poetry

Prose (Short Stories, Plays, ect.)
[link] FurryFox Story Thread
[link] Stories Of A Twisted Mind (GMoose14)
[link] Sin's Tales (sinfulwolf)
[link] Owc's Short Stories (OrgasmWoodChipper)
[link] TacticalShoe's Story Thread
[link] Ifun's Word Dump
[link] I-F's Non-Sequiturs (Idiot-Finder)
[link] BmK's Mental Drippings (BlackmarketKraig)
[link] Tt10'S Story Portfolio
[link] Fnr's Reasonless Scripts... (ForNoReason)
[link] Simon: Horror Stories
[link] FBIpolux: Random Writing And Shorts
[link] PanicAttack's Fiction Thread.
[link] Yami's Short Stories (Reaperyami)
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[link] The Prose Of A Nonsensical Madman. (zbox101)
[link] Chymeraxe's Writing Thread Etc
[link] Blue's Writing Showcase (InTheBlue)
[link] Original Compositions (Outlaw88)
[link] Drew's Shorts (Skye-McCloud)
[link] SymbolCymbals Short Stories
[link] SymbolCymbals Short Stories

Both Poetry and Prose
[link] WritersBlock's Writing Thread
[link] The Writings Of Ravariel
[link] Stimcrab's Fiction
[link] Joshsouza's Writings
[link] Writing 2.0 (Version2)
[link] A Thread To Call My Own (PrivateJoker92)
[link] My Poetry (zbox101)
[link] Stories, Poems From My Head (SCTE3)
[link] Jenxy's Shix (Kajenx)
[link] Mismo's Writting Thread
[link] Reptyle's Stuff
[link] Lunaful: Poems And Other Work.
[link] Falonefal's Writing Thread
[link] Observing My Mental Hell (Thesubject666)
[link] Imperator's Musings
[link] Please Come In And Stay Awhile (Xentarim)
[link] Exzeta`S Writings
[link] Works Of Wesmeadow
[link] Robert's Tavern (The-Great-One)
[link] FallenDouche's Writing (FallenRevival)

My Writing

2010-02-19 22:37:42 by TrevorW

; it was a beautiful day.

The wind blew a chilled wisp of air through the calm of the countryside; the air twisted and turned as it quietly rolled by. The simple hickory tree, sitting on top of the same hill it had always sat atop, gently rocked under the weight of the breeze; some of the leaves rustled about their stems and two or three small twigs fell from the trellis of branches. Two birds nesting inside of the tree shook their feathers about and cooed in response to the wind- their song was chipper and full of warmth, a welcome. The day was a calm Georgian summer, the sky was clear and the sun beat down on everything below it.

Though, the man who rested below was a stark comparison to the simple hickory. Of what was not covered by the shadow cast by the lush array of branches and leaves was unkempt and soiled. The man's face was unclear but it was apparent that he had not shaved in months and his hair had not been trimmed in years. From what could be seen of his clothing it was dirty and wrinkled. He had no pack or sack; yet, he surely had to be a traveler-or even a vagrant. His easy slumber in such a place could only be achieved by the unconcerned, after all.
He laid there for sometime dreaming pleasance dreams: a smiled engraved into his face. His body was at ease as the light breeze gently took his wild hair and gently tossed it across his grimy face. The grass rustled about his feet and fingertips; and a butterfly came down and kissed his lips.
In his dreams he was free.

The man awoke then, his eyes gently fluttering open to his surroundings. A sigh of relief escaped his tender lips- his world was beautiful and vibrant. The wildlife was lush, the sun was warm, and the weather was delightful. Yet, as he had just begun to absorb everything, the world around him began to dissolve away into a horrible sound: a sound which filled his ears with noise and made a shiver work its way up his back. He trembled slightly. The clatter filled his head, much to his annoyance. He covered his ears and looked around him in a hurry. Confusion and disdain covered his face and filled his eyes.

He then saw what was making the sound: when he turned his head to the right he saw a small alarm clock ringing beside him. The small contraption was nothing more than an old analog job complete with two metal bells and a small hammer. Gently he laughed a sigh of relief- he stopped trembling and relaxed. He reached over and turned the little clock off by a switch on its back. And again he turned his eyes to the beautiful landscape before him.

There were sheep grazing in a field below him; though oddly, there was no sheppard to guide the sheep, he shrugged it off. Surely there was a reason. Around the field there was an old wooden fence, and on the other side of the fence there was a small creek. The grass along it was high and the shore was covered in fist sized rocks and smaller rocks and pebbles. It was filled with small fish splashing against the rocks along the edge of the water- the sound of which soothed him and attempted to lull him back to sleep.

Then there was the small hill he rested on. He knew there was a road at the bottom. He had walked up the hill from that road. He also knew there were more fields on the other side of the road. Yet he had no idea what the hill's or the tree's purpose was. Surely they had one- he shrugged; it did not matter.

Yet his mind kept returning to the thought of the hill's purpose.
Sweat found its way onto his brow so he took out a handkerchief from his pants pocket and whipped his face. He was frustrated. The tree had to have a purpose and so did the hill. He looked about the land again. The sheep had gone but there was a small rabbit lazily hopping about the edge of the fence.

The rabbit hopped along the fence with a pace that was easy and filled with several pauses. And each time the little rabbit paused it would lift its head and sniff about the air with its tiny nose, rustle its fur, and move its ears about; then it would casually go on. This continued for sometime before it reached its hole, which was nestled inside a tree not too far from the creek and the soothing lullaby it produced. It had been a small brown rabbit with floppy ears; it had the cutest button nose the man had ever seen and it was a little overweight. Its stomach was white too. He sighed; it had been something worth watching; it had a purpose, he thought.

He stood up and looked down at the tiny clock- still there, he smiled. Though he never noticed how old it must have been. While it was still in good shape one of its feet had been broken off and spots of it were rusted. He picked it up casually with one hand, running his fingers over it with the other. His fingers ran over the glass front and the metal sides and then found their way to the small winders on the back. He twisted and twisted the different winders for sometime but he found that only the second-hand would move.

Stuck in the moment, he thought.

He sighed and then tossed the clock back on the ground. He questioned what a clock was without the ability to live out its purpose. Though, he never once questioned how it had rang in the first place. He sighed and then looked out about him again. A carriage made its way quickly along the road behind the tree. And as he watched it, it disappeared into the distance- to carry out some purpose, he thought.

The dust kicked up by the horses lingered for sometime after and then settled back onto the road. He sighed; he had no purpose in this world and even the dust had its mission to rise and settle again. His eyes closed.

Sometime passed as the man stood, with his eyes closed, facing the road. Then the same sound of the carriage rushing along the road came to him. He opened his eyes; it was in fact the same carriage as before. Surely the person inside it had served his or her purpose and now they were returning home fulfilled, he thought. And he thought, even the carriage serves the purpose it has.

He again sighed and made his way back to his resting place under the simple tree sitting atop the purposeless hill. Tears welled up in his eyes as he sat back down. How he yearned for a purpose and how he longed even more so to fulfill that purpose. Then he thought, and what of the hill's purpose or the tree's?

The clock began to ring again.

He was stuck in the moment, he thought angrily. He wished for the ringer in the clock to break: he longed for quietness. And in that moment, as the clamoring of the clock filled his ears and anger filled his mind, he realized the tree's purpose was to provide him shade and the hill's purpose was to provide a home for the tree; and his purpose was to provide the tree a purpose and to allow the hill's purpose to have meaning.

He looked out about him once again and everything was beautiful and right in the world. Regardless of the significance of his purpose he had one and for that he thanked the world. He grabbed the clock and turned the ringer off. He then fell into a gentle sleep once again, holding the little old clock in his arms as if to keep it from disappearing; just as he fell into slumber once again another cool wisp of cool air passed by.

Current Battle-master(s) for the Poetry Battles -- and those of the past

2010-02-19 22:32:26 by TrevorW

This is a updated list of any and all Battle-master(s) for the Poetry Battles.

Current Battle-Master(s):


Retired Battle-Master(s):

Though his time was short his support will always be remembered.

Working Copy of Poetry Battles V2 (Will be kept for records)

2010-02-13 22:17:19 by TrevorW

This is a working copy of the second version of the poetry battles. Please read through it and leave comments and such below.
Welcome to version two of the poetry battle thread!

The purpose of Poetry battles is to provide an environment of spontaneous yet calculated difficulty for the poets of Newgrounds. The battles do come with little notice and this is to put the poets on edge - to test their minds while they work on their feet. The battles also serve as an outlet for those unable to write poetry themselves. Voting is open to everyone, we want the community involved. It is the goal of the battles to provide an informative yet completive environment.

What is a Poetry Battle?

First of all please see:

The list of previous battles [link]
The original topic [link]

These two areas may allow for a greater understanding than what can be seen in this post.

A "Poetry Battle" is a competition between two poets here on Newgrounds. Each poet will have 24 hours to create a poem on a topic chosen by the Battle-Master(s). All other aspects of the poem other than the topic will be left up to the writer.

(The current Battle-Master(s) can be seen here: [link].)

The Battle-Master(s) is/are subject to change at anytime at the digression of the current Battle-Master(s) and/or Newgrounds Staff.)
A change from the original version:
Challenges have been removed for a purely random system. The system will simply outgrow the ability to have challenges so it has been removed to save confusion.

How to compete:

In order for a newgrounds member to compete they must PM the current battlemaster(s) or show interest in this topic (the first is recommended however). The member showing interest will then be added to the list of contenders located here: [link].

Note: Once on the list the member is subjugated to joining a battle at the Battle-master(s)'s choosing. Time is up to the Batter-Master(s). Otherwise, it is recommended that the forum be checked daily.

Being selected to battle:

In order to compete interest must be shown and the interested party must be on the list of contenders.

The selection to compete in battle will be decided by random draw (random number generator), therefore a person may fight ten battles in a row or they may not fight for a month. This is the only way that I could ensure an equal chance of competition.

Notification of Competition:

Upon being selected by the Battle-Master to compete in a battle the two parties will be notified of their selection 24 hours before they are given their topic. This gives the person ample time to set aside time to compete.

They then will be notified on their topic and opponent through the use of a private message. It is the goal of the program to give as much time as possible to the crafting of the poem for the battle.

Note: A topic will also appear in the forum for the battle so notice can be taken from that.

Topic thread would look like this: Dubbi v TrevorW: subject

Period of battle:

Each battle will take three days for a full completion. In this three day period there will be one day to create the poem and two days to vote. However, if both poems are submitted before the first 24 hours are up then the voting will open "early" in order to insure the most voting possible.

Should a competitor need an extension on their battle they must apply (via PM) for one before the 24 hour writing period is up. However, please only use this option if it is in dire need. This will not affect the number of battles in a negative way because the new battle will start when the extended battle should have ended - the reason why too many extensions can not be given out.

If a battle is missed it counts as a loss for the party that missed the battle and a win for the other.

If three battles are missed the person is out of the list of competitors and will not be allowed back in without a written appeal (via PM). If the appeal is accepted they will still have to miss a month of competition and their stats will be reset.


Please refer to "commenting" as it is related.

In order to provide for a true battle-like scenario the voting will remain as such: each person who decides to vote will have to choose between the two poems and pick one of them to vote for. There is no rating system and there is no "both." Pick one.

In the event of a tie the win will be applied to both parties. There is no tie breaker or extension of voting period for such an occurrence. Time is limited and there are plenty of battles to be had, plus ties will only occur if both poems are equally matched.

In the event of no votes being castthe match will be void and the participants will see no change in score. (However this is highly unlikely and should for the most part be ignored.)

If you are going to take part in battles you must prove that you are willing to vote as well. I will not place you in a battle until I see that you are voting on other battles (only exception to the random number generator's pick). This is to ensure that each battle gets as many votes as possible. I know that reading mass amounts of material can be hard but each person should try their best.


In order to provide for the most impact from these contests it is suggested that each voter leave some sort of critic in regards to both poems. Explain why you picked one over the other. While this will not be required there are two benefits from doing so:

1) The writers get a chance to learn something from the poems that they write, as do the on lookers.

2) People will be more inclined to respond back with informative critics...everyone wins.

However, there is an added incentive: Anyone who is on the list of competitors that shows a solid commitment to commenting on pieces with legitimate critics will receive the equivalent of 1 win per month as a bonus. Remember that the point of sharing work is to get opinions and critics, therefore it is the goal of the battles to further this idea.

Rate of Battle:

The battles will take place at a rate of 12 every 14 days in a staggered fashion. I will start two battles on the first day of competition and two on the second day; then, the battles will take 4 days from notification of competition to the end of the voting period to finish. As two battles finish their four day period another two battles will begin. In theory this will create a constant state of competition, with the maximum amount of topics active being four (six if congratulations are given out). I know that this may seem like a lot, but I am setting this number so that everyone on the ever growing [list] will get a chance to battle. While I am concerned about a flood of these topics the full list must be addressed for a fair environment. My goal is to allow each person to take part in as many battles as possible.


After the voting concludes the battle-master will announce the winner in the topic. Then the record will be updated on the list of competitors: [link].

Every battle past and present is listed here: [link]

List of Battlers

2010-02-12 20:24:50 by TrevorW

Current list of those who will be open to battles
Inside the "[]" is the win count for the person. Inside the "()" is the total battle count.
Anyone who misses a battle will have a "[A]" placed by their name, three of them and they are out pending a appeal and a month probation.

List of eligible competitors

[2]|(7) Dubbi [A]
[2]|(5) MonkeyV
[1]|(2) Archerboy [A]
[3]|(4) Ravariel
[2]|(2) Megakill
[3]|(4) Stimcrab
[0]|(1) Omegared [A]
[2]|(4) Funnyhomeboy
[1]|(3) TacticalShoe [A]
[0]|(0) guitargeek1998
[1]|(1) NerdOpinionShow
[0]|(2) Nateofwar [A]
[1]|(3) nothingmater. [A]
[2]|(4) munio
[0]|(1) demango
[0]|(1) NinthMaeglin [A]
[2]|(2) funnyhomeboy
[1]|(4) Ponz
[4]|(4) zachdamacman
[0]|(1) Valhan
[0]|(1) AlexiStukov [A]
[1]|(1) Raethen
[1]|(3) TheSubject666 [A]
[3]|(4) Earthshine
[0]|(2) Deathchimp [A]
[0]|(1) Wolf-Raven [A]
[0]|(2) Boatwest [A] [A]
[1]|(2) ShortMonkey [A]
[0]|(2) Birdbeard
[0]|(1) DM692
[1]|(0) MaliciousAngel
[1]|(1) rubber-dum-dum
[0]|(0) VirtualRealityGirl
[0]|(1) Pathock3
[0]|(1) Agent851 [A]
[0]|(0) Soldatoflife
[0]|(0) Mismo
[0]|(0) Jinxerz
[0]|(0) DaHutt
[0]|(0) MiSFiTT
Currently withdrawn from the competition

[1]|(2) PinballWizard976 [A]
[2]|(5) TrevorW
[0]|(0) Evark

Removed from Contest


Pending Appeal
[0]|(3) Punkbassmaster [A][A][A]